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Premier Solar Window Films:

With ongoing concerns about energy consumption, solar control window film has continued to grow in popularity among consumers. The trend is bolstered by current residential and commercial architectural designs that use extensive expanses of glass. While this adds drama and light to buildings, it also can create hot spots and glare, and increase energy needs in the warmer seasons and climates.
Without a doubt, the next-generation solar control films provide excellent performance in terms solar energy rejection and heat reduction. Today, films are available that reject over 80 percent of the sun’s total
solar energy and block nearly 100% of ultraviolet light.

Best of all, because of advances in film manufacturing technology, these products need not be extremely dark or reflective to do the job. Through the use of state-of-the-art metallization processes, window film
manufactures can now offer solar control films in a wide range of intensities and colors, including soft neutrals, charcoals and even nearinvisible options.



Premier Window Films™ Block harmful rays, while letting visible light in, practically invisible.

As Attractive As They Are Effective
These films not only reduce energy costs and save wear-and-tear on cooling systems, they actually enhance the appearance of buildings. In sunny Orlando, Florida, for example, managers of the Radisson Twin
Towers realized their hotel was beginning to look outdated among the newer competitors. After looking into a variety of remodeling options, they choose a simple yet highly effective solution: Premier Window Films™.

The installation of Premier Window Films™ on all windows gave the building
a sleek, modern look. At the same time, the film significantly reduced their energy costs, and enhanced guest privacy and comfort. Blocking Ultraviolet Delivers Big Benefits After the installation, the hotel’s management realized another important advantage of solar control film: its ability to block nearly 100% of the sun’s damaging ultraviolet light.
Ultraviolet, or UV, is a culprit that is known to contribute to the fading and deterioration of furnishings. Carpets, draperies and artwork can all be damaged by exposure to UV. With the installation of solar control
film, the Radisson expects to realize additional savings by extending the life of the hotel’s furnishings.
And just as solar films can protect carpets and drapes from UV, they can do the same for people.

Medical science is learning more about the dangerous impact of ultraviolet radiation on the human body every day – and sunbathers are not the only people at risk. You can be exposed to ultraviolet light indoor and out. Plain glass does absorb sunlight in the UVB spectrum. However, the invisible UVA radiation passes right through unprotected glass in buildings, homes and vehicles. The link between UV and skin cancer is well established. According to the Mayo Clinic, as many as one million new cases of skin cancer are diagnosed each year in this country, and approximately 10,000 people die annually from some form of the disease. UV exposure has also been shown to be a contributing factor in the formation of cataracts, a cloudiness of the lens in the eye that can interfere with vision.
Lighthouse International reports an estimated half of all the Americans over age 65 have some degree of cataracts, and more than a million cataract surgery procedures are performed every year in the United States.
Because most solar control films are effective at blocking out nearly 100 percent of UV, they are an easy way to reduce exposure to the hazards. Even the clear window films offer ultraviolet protection.



Choosing The Right Solar Control Film
Whether you’re primary concern is energy consumption or limiting UV exposure, the way to ensure the results you want is by selecting the right quality film and professional dealer/installer. Top-of-the-line products
perform better and last longer than those ordinary films on the market today.

One of the most popular and proven window films is Premier Window Films™,
manufactured by Bekaert Specialty Films. Premier Window Films™ are comprised of
optically clear layers of polyester, laminating, mounting and ultraviolet inhibiting adhesives,
and a scratch resistant surface. Once retrofitted to the interior surface of glass, Premier Window Films™
provides instantaneous results, shielding your property from the harmful and uncomfortable
effects of the sun.

Plus, Premier Window Films™ are backed with a strong warranty and installed by independent dealer professionals who have the knowledge, experience and expertise to help you select the best film for
your needs.
The right solar control film, installed by an experienced professional,
will deliver a host of benefits for years to come.

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